Chris Clowsley

Chris Clowsley – Rhythm Guitar

Like Rob, Chris joined Stampede in 2011 and was instrumental to a lot of the writing on ‘A Sudden Impulse’.

Chris’s musical journey started way back in 73’ when he first heard Purple’s Made In Japan. “Blackmore’s solos in Highway Star and Child In Time simply blew me away and I pestered my parents to buy me a guitar”.

Chris finally got his guitar in the shape of a Zenta Strat Copy, which he played through a hi-fi system in his bedroom and he was soon playing in his first band, The Starving Rascals – later progressing to a new line up, The King Spiders.  However, it was Karrier that gave Chris his first taste of success and writing all the songs with co guitarist Chris Hall, the band signed a record deal and went on tour with Magnum.

Chris recently got together with songwriter Pete Higginson.  Calling the Duo ‘Deuce’, they recorded an album of material that both are extremely proud of.

For several years now, Chris has been touring theatres and venues in the UK and Europe with the Pink Floyd experience, ‘’Darkside’’, in which he is joined by Steve Graystone (Stevie G), Stampede’s drummer.

Chris’s song writing ability, playing and vocal delivery contributes hugely to Stampede’s recording and live work and, like the rest of the band with the new album release, ‘’A Sudden Impulse’’,  is now working on the reformed band’s next album and looking forward to touring.

Chris uses Gibson Les Pauls, Fender Strats and Fender and Marshall amps.