Colin Bond

Colin Bond – Bass

Colin (Boggy) Bond joined STAMPEDE in 1980/1.  Having auditioned for several weeks, the one thing the new band lacked was a bass player that suited, both personality wise and in playing style.

Out of thirty-odd players, a short list of 5 was drawn up and Reuben and Laurence travelled from London back to their then home town of Bristol to see Colin with his current Bristol-based band, Stormtrooper.

Colin played a black Rickenbacker bass guitar and also Taurus pedals – and it was plain to see that he was heavily influenced by Rush’s Geddy Lee.

Colin ticked all the boxes, he looked the part on stage, played fantastically and his Taurus pedals added a real boost and extra quality to the sound of the band.  Reuben and Laurence both knew they needed to look no further and in a brief meeting after the gig, Colin was asked to join Stampede.  He accepted and of course the rest is history.

With his prolific song writing ability and uncompromising dedication to the band, Colin was a mainstay through the early years and his bass riffs and Taurus pedals contributed massively to Stampede’s signature sound.

In 2009, when Reuben suggested a Stampede reunion, Colin typically had no hesitation in dedicating himself to the project.   Reuben always said that if Boggey doesn’t say too much when asked if a riff or arrangement is OK, then don’t worry.  It’s when he does have a lot to say you need to worry – but then having lived there for five years, I should be used to the Bristolian style well enough by now!

Around ‘83/’84, when Stampede disbanded, Colin joined Bernie Torme’s Electric Gypsies and sometime later went on to work with Meat Loaf on several projects.

During the 90s and with huge respect for the music of The Beach Boys, Colin formed Beach Boys Inc., playing high profile gigs throughout the UK and Europe.  The band, which is not so much a tribute but an experience and celebration of the Beach Boys music, soon won the approval of the band itself, and is still playing constantly to date.

Colin uses Rickenbacker and Fender bass guitars, Taurus pedals and Ashdown bass amps.

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